Callum’s work experience week at tgi MEDIA

Last year at the start of year 10, my teacher informed our whole year that we had to find a work experience. I started to look around Darlington but couldn’t find any suitable work placements but then I came across tgi MEDIA. My teacher rang and told them what I had done in the past such as filming adverts and making short films and after a meeting with myself, the teacher and Tori from tgi MEDIA a couple of weeks later, it was confirmed that my work experience would start from 3rd July.

1st day 
On my first day I was greeted by Tori, David, Grace and Jenny and I was excited to start working here for the week. Tori set me my first ‘to do’ task and it was to go through their clients’ Instagram accounts and reply to any comments and to follow people back which I found really enjoyable (I love Instagram) and easy to do.

My second task was to research why YouTube could be good for a business and to write a blog for the website and then I went on to design some Facebook covers. (As I was doing that Tori and I had a conversation about music and she was confused by The DJ Marshmallow which I found amusing). After I had finished that task I did some posts on Instagram for their clients.

2nd day
On the second day I was told to research some media companies in the North East and to look at what services they were offering as tgi MEDIA is expanding. My second task was to write a section for their new website which was about blogging and how it’s good for a business, I also designed a newsletter for one of their clients.

Some of my photography

3rd day 
I felt a lot more comfortable working in the office and in the morning I completed the newsletter and I moved onto the next task which was to research some companies in Darlington and the surrounding area. This included analysing what they did on social media. I also found them on Facebook and liked their business pages from the tgi MEDIA account.  In addition, I brought my camera in as I needed to do some photography for the new sections which are soon to be on the tgi MEDIA website.

4th day
I tried to do some photoshop work but I could not complete it as my computer kept crashing so I used my photography skills to take a new passport photo for Tori (obviously to test out the camera!) then I took some photos for the tgi MEDIA website. After I did that I was tasked with visiting a client’s website and liking/following everyone they had supplied their products to. This includes hotels, interior designers and restaurants.

5th day
On my last day I took some head shots of the tgi MEDIA staff for the website (these are currently being photoshopped) and then I accompanied Tori to a meeting at the White Horse Hotel in Darlington. Following on from that meeting, we went to the Darlington Monthly Networking Event at The Springfield Hotel. The guest speaker was Jonathan Taylor and he talked about his new book The Forgotten Mission and UFOs which I found really interesting.

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed my weeks work experience at tgi MEDIA and if work experience ever came up here again I would love to come back!

Written by Callum Shorten, Haughton Education Village



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