Are you ready to #VOOM? – Vote for us to get help from Richard Branson

Are we ready to #VOOM?

This is OUR chance to pitch to Richard Branson and win a share of £1 million (€1.2 million) in prizes – as well as a trip to Necker Island and mentoring at 10 Downing Street. Take a look at our pitch to find out how you can help:


A fun and ambitious SME which is desperate to show the world what else we can do, we may be small but we are perfectly formed!


I grow other people’s businesses but now it’s time to grow mine.

We create, develop and manage social media accounts, we are good at it, in fact we are excellent at it and our clients think so too. But we concentrate so much on everyone else’s company we forget about ours but it’s time to become greater and bigger.

We love our town and want to continue to do business in it. We want to grow from a team of two full-time staff to four, to six, to eight, to fifty and we want to pass on our expert knowledge to those who we will train and nurture.

We manage any company from restaurants to swimming academies and from food manufacturers to gyms. We want to grow, we are desperate to grow but at the moment, we are turning work down as we need to give 100% to our current clients and don’t want to be overstretched which could affect our reputation and relationships.

I started my business with nothing and I’ve worked 16 hour days for 18 months. I turn over £80k a year and I’ve received no funding, no grants, no financial help.

Mr Branson, if you’re ready to get behind a small business which has the ability to grow and the passion to succeed, you need to get on board.

Find out more and to vote for tgi MEDIA, click HERE. 

Thank you!

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