Swim Buddies makes a splash on its fifth birthday

Darlington-based Swim Buddies are set to celebrate the milestone on the 26th September, after first opening in 2014.

The academy has significantly grown since they started – now running lessons in two schools for children aged between 3-11 years, at Education Village and Hummersknott academy in Darlington.

Created by husband and wife team, Chris and Erica Cook, Swim Buddies aims to help their swimmers to develop necessary swimming skills.

Chris, a former Olympic swimmer, and Erica, a professional swimmer, feel both proud and lucky to reach their fifth year.

Describing their key aims and values, Chris said, ‘One thing we never want to compromise on is the fact we want to give children the skills and the passion to connect with the water for life.’

‘The academy has amassed an admirable, appreciative and loyal cliental throughout the years and we are thrilled to reach this key five year milestone!’

Swim Buddies currently teaches over 900 pupils, has taught an estimated 2,500 children since 2014 and In a few months it will actively teach 1,000 pupils.

The majority of the company’s staff have stayed with them long-term – with half of their employees having been there since the start and all teachers are qualified to a minimum of level 2 standard.

Acknowledging the marvellous work of their staff and its impact on the business, Chris explained, ‘We get to work with a fantastic group of teachers. Poppy does an outstanding job not only in the water but also of coordinating the programme and the team in the water.’

‘Tracey, Dee, Sarah, Angela, Matt, Serena and Emily are just brilliant people doing an amazing job of teaching the children to swim and Erica has a fantastic head for business and takes care of the things that aren’t always visible.’

The academy also attributes some of its growing success to their local business connections and plans for the academy’s future includes increasing the number of children it teaches and expanding in to other locations.

Swim Buddies is currently open 7 days a week between the two locations in Education Village and Hummersknott academy and for more information please call 01740 622305 or visit http://www.swimbuddies.co.uk .

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