It’s Social Media Day – find out what we love.

Today is Social Media Day and this could actually be our favourite day of the year (apart from Christmas Day). It’s a great opportunity for us to introduce you to what platforms we each love so here goes:

Facebook It's Social Media Day - find out what we love.

‘I would have no business if it wasn’t for social media and I absolutely love it! All businesses should be using it as a tool to target customers, to increase their profile and to get their brand out there. My favourite social media platform is Facebook with LinkedIn coming a close second. Both are great ways to keep in touch with people and they are great lead generation tools too if used correctly.’
– Tori Gill, Managing Director


Instagram It's Social Media Day - find out what we love.

‘I love how instant social media can be, the fact you can now connect with anybody from across the world in a matter of seconds. This is brilliant not just for individuals but for businesses as well, as it means they can really get their brand out there to a vast audience. And as for my favourite social network; it has to be Instagram, I’m a very visual person and just love taking photographs, I probably take a new one every day!’
– Grace Wakes, Account Manager


It's Social Media Day - find out what we love.Snapchat

‘I love Snapchat because it’s instantaneous, the filter options are fun. The new Snapmap feature is great and although I wouldn’t call it stalking, you can see where users are so if you’re in town and you want to meet up with friends, you can find where they are.’
– Jenny Lee, Social Media Executive


It's Social Media Day - find out what we love.Twitter

‘The reason why I love social media is because it’s a great source for worldwide news and finding out what your former schoolmate had for tea. My favourite platform is Twitter because the 140 character limit means people need to get their point across quickly, rather than waffling on.’
– David Wriglesworth, Account Manager


Tell us what your favourite platform is by getting in touch with us on the following social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram

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