Move over Snapchat, how Instagram stories can build your brand

It has only been going for less than a year but with already 200million daily users, Instagram Stories has quickly become a social media feature which businesses need to tap in to.

 Move over Snapchat, How Instagram Stories Can Build Your Brand

If you haven’t used it, the feature allows you to take photos, add stickers and filters than add it to ‘your story,’ this lasts for 24 hours before the post automatically disappears. It also allows users to broadcast ‘live’ with the video automatically disappearing when the broadcast ends. But how can this tool be used to build your brand? We’ve done the hard work below and complied the information into five handy points…

1) Be Seen More

Almost like every other social media network, Instagram will now show updates through an algorithm, resulting in your content sometimes getting lost in the timeline. By adding to your Instagram story, it will increase your chances of your content being seen, as it is fully accessible to all users at the top of their feed.

2) Drive Traffic To Your Website

Instagram is currently adding an ‘insert link’ feature to business accounts, after only limiting it to verified profiles. It is a pretty big deal for the social network, considering you can’t add clickable links to normal Instagram posts and have to rely on the link in your bio. Because of the increased exposure, it is highly likely that more traffic will be driven to your website.

 Move over Snapchat, How Instagram Stories Can Build Your Brand

3) Location Love

Just like Facebook, you can ‘check-in’ into a location on Instagram stories, this is done by accessing ‘the stickers’ and selecting your chosen location. By ‘checking-in’ at your business address, this will create additional exposure for your brand, as users who don’t follow your account can even view your story through the location feature.

4) Show Off That Strategy

Instagram stories gives you the opportunity to really showcase your brand through diverse content. By using the features such as ‘boomerang’ and the ‘video recording’ components, this will demonstrate to consumers that you are a company to get really excited about. You can also develop that relationship with the audience further by tapping into the ‘going live’ feature by offering exclusive behind the scenes content for them to watch for a limited period of time.

5) Level-up Your Leads

By adding an Instagram story to your timeline, this invites users to direct message you regarding the content in the story. This could help to generate additional leads, as it is the perfect opportunity to divulge further information about your products and most importantly build up that important customer relationship.

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Written by Account Manager, Grace Wakes

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