How social media can improve your business during lockdown

Lockdown has resulted in big changes for many businesses, from the way they trade to their services as a whole.

One way in which you can keep connected to your clients, customers or service users – is through social media.

This #SocialMediaDay we wanted to give back and highlight the way your business can utilise social media during lockdown.

Brand familiarity.
Even if your business is not operational during lockdown, posting on your social media channels occasionally will let your audience see you are still active.

A post could be a simply update on your situation or a throwback to a positive news story.

Return to business.
Depending on your business or service, if you have a date on when you will start operating you can use social media to promote bookings, products or services.

Don’t just rely on telling your service users you are back open on the day, give them plenty of notice and drum up interest.

New designs.
Many of you may have more time on your hands to look at areas of your business services you couldn’t before. Take a look at your social media channels and how they appear – is the design eye catching? Has your cover photo been changed in the past few months?

Now is the opportunity to transform your social media channel’s image.

Connect with other businesses.
Take this opportunity to reach out to other businesses via social media. It could be a business located near you or that you have worked with before. Share their news and content and wish them well during the lockdown period- this is a great opportunity to build business relationships. Just ensure you don’t connect with your competitors!

Highlight old news.
You may be stuck for social media content if your business is not open. However this is a chance to highlight old and positive news stories about your business.

Even if the story is from years ago, ‘throwback’ style social media content is the positive story everyone needs in a sea of negative news stories right now.

Make new social media channels.
Some of you may only use Facebook as your main social media presence for your business. Take this time to explore new social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Many of them may be well suited to your business, service or product.

Try something new.
If your social media content is looking the same, why not try something new?

From video content, photographs, infographics, blog content, photo collages and much more – it’s time to mix up your content.

If you are seeking advice on how to utilise or create a social media presence, we are here to help. You can get in touch with the tgi MEDIA team by contacting or call 01325 468481. Find us on Facebook.

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