Is a blog beneficial to your business?

So you’re feeling a bit unsure about how a blog can improve your brand. Blogs can not only get your brand some exposure, they can provide value to your consumers. Finally, it’s a great opportunity to discuss what’s important to your consumer and relate it back to your business.

So how exactly are you supposed to create a blog? The easiest way to create one is to add a ‘Blog’ section to your brand’s website and ensure you regularly update the page with a new post. We recommend you update your blog with new content at least once a week. Don’t forget, once you’ve created posts to share them throughout your brand’s social media as this is a way to draw in readers.

So let’s set the facts straight – how can a blogging boost your brand?

Create credibility

Every business could benefit from exposure and a blog is a great way to achieve this. Whether your business is a restaurant, a recruitment agency or an estate agents – blogging and discussing relatable topics from your field makes you appear like an expert in your brand area. To an audience, this is an attractive feature that undoubtedly creates a sense of trust behind your services or products.

Get people talking about your brand

If your brand is active on social media and writes detailed blog posts where they reflect the brands opinion in newsworthy subjects, it’s not going to go unnoticed. A blog is a great source to get people communicating with you about your services, products or opinion. Depending on your website design, you could add a comments section to your blog to allow people to discuss or enquire about whatever subject you are discussing.

Answers questions

If your business offers a complex variety of services or products, a blog may be a great solution in customers finding the answers to their questions. This eliminates the need to contact you directly and enables you to use your blogging page in a similar style to a ‘FAQ’ page.

Improve your website’s SEO

If you use the right titles and descriptions in your blog, you can improve your Google search rank for ideas that your potential clients might be looking for. This will crucially bring them to your website and potentially have them enquire or purchase your services or product.

Showcase your products on your blog

A blog can be used as a self-promotion tool to discuss in detail what new products or services you may be adding to your business. This is an excellent way to keep your customers up to date with the ins and outs of your business.

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