5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google+

Launched 6 years ago and their fourth attempt at a social network, (we thought we would throw in an extra fact) Google launched what is now know as ‘Google+.’ Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it hasn’t really taken off in the same way, however this network operates differently, and acts more like a ‘social layer’ for other Google services such as YouTube.

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Google+
Although you may not view Google+ in the same light as other social networks, it is still vital to include it in your social media strategy, as it can benefit your business in the following way…

1) Super SEO Benefits

Probably the biggest advantage of using Google+ as a business is that it can bump you up on the search results on Google. For instance the more links you post to your website on Google+, the higher up the search results your website is going to show up, as Google will recognize your website as a being a ‘reputable’ source.

2) Be Reached In Your Region

Did you know that by having a Google+ profile that you can link it to your ‘Google Places for Business’ page together? This feature allows you to put yourself in charge of your own brand on Google, for instance you can edit elements such as ‘opening hours’ and ‘address.’

3) React To Reviews

If you have a business page on Facebook, then it is highly likely that you would have experienced ‘the reviews’ feature. Google has the a similar feature built-in and Google+ allows you to respond to any reviews users compose. Reviews are quickly becoming very influential when it comes to search rankings, so it is very important that you respond appropriately.

4) Showcase Your Snaps

Again, going back to ‘Google Places For Business’ Google+ allows you to manage those set of photos in the top right hand corner of the search results. This is just another feature on social media which allows you to really showcase your brand and products by uploading some high quality snaps!

5) Connect With Communities

Like Facebook, Google+ has their own in-built ‘groups’ feature called ‘Communities’ which can be based on any specific subject. As a business, you can utilise these groups by posting relevant content in them and building up a relationship with users.

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Written by Account Manager, Grace Wakes

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