5 Benefits Of Email Marketing

In this digital age, it is safe to say that email marketing is alive and well! After all, there isn’t a day that goes by when every single one of us doesn’t receive an email from a company who we have previously interacted with.

5 Benefits Of Email Marketing
And lets face it, as consumers (and businesses!) we are constantly logged into to our mailing systems, therefore we are constantly exposed to this type of marketing.

However it is really an effective form of advertising? We’ve done the hard work below to tell you why email marketing is beneficial to all types of businesses…


Wave goodbye to the days where you used to put an advert out there and hope the right person saw it, as email marketing can be as specific as you like. With online mailing systems, you have the ability to segment your data as much as possible; where you can select from gender, location and other measurable demographics. Targeting your emails ensures that your audience receives content suited specifically for their needs, resulting in a higher conversion rate.


Email marketing allows companies to add that additional personal touch for their subscribers. For instance, if you upload your data correctly into the mailing system, it will allow you to even select the name of each receipt to display in either the email body or subject line; resulting in recipients thinking you have gone the extra mile to connect with them.


The design tools within nearly every mailing system are now pretty flexible, which allows all businesses to get very creative with their email design. This in turn, allows your company to get your brand out there; as the audience will start to recognise your logo, colours and other key brand elements.


There are not a lot of other forms of marketing which are as easily shareable as an email marketing campaign. By simply selecting the forward button, subscribers can instantly share your content with anyone else in the world; therefore your brand gains further exposure and credibility among consumers.


With the majority of mailing campaign providers having inbuilt analytics, it becomes easier than ever before to measure the success of your marketing. From delivery, open and click rates, you can then judge where to take your campaign next using this valuable information.

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